Standard Tracker Gear

Standard Gear List

Here's the basic gear you need for astrophotography with  the Move Shoot Move (MSM) Star Tracker.
Sample Images Here


The MSM Star Tracker is meant to be an inexpensive travel tracker for astro-landscape.  Small and lightweight; something you can carry in a backpack.  Therefore the tripod needs to meet the same criteria and yet be sturdy.

Lower Mount

The first mount you need goes between the tripod and the tracker.  It will be used for polar alignment which requires the ability to make small precise changes.

MSM Star Tracker 

Upper Mount

The second mount you need goes between the tracker and your camera.  It will be used to aim your camera at the target you intend to shoot.


If you are looking to buy a new camera for astrophotography then get a new mirrorless, not a used DSLR off ebay.  The newer the camera the better the low light performance.  Mirrorless cameras, as a bonus, having a shorter distance from lens mount to sensor can use adapters to replicate the distance and mount type of older DSLRs and so use your existing lenses.


You're going to want fast prime lenses.   Lenses recommended for astrophotography are going to have low comatic aberrations.  Not all lenses are built with that in mind.




You can never have enough stuff.