Advanced Tracker Gear

Advanced Gear List

Here's what you need to take your astrophotography to the next level with  the Move Shoot Move (MSM) Star Tracker.
Sample Images Here

The Complete Kit gets you everything you need except for a tripod and ball head.  You do want both the laser and the polar scope; for me at least the laser is sufficient for targets to the north but targets overhead or to the south require the higher precision of the polar scope.  There are a few other options you may want to consider also:

Not wanting to spend time fighting my photos I wanted a camera that was capable of usable one shot color images.  For me this set the list of requirements; 

Welcome to dedicated astro cameras; they're stupid.  The ASI2600 pretty much consists of a sensor, an air conditioner, and a dew heater, that's it, no brains.  You can use a laptop and freely available software (linked to at ZWO site) or you can buy one of these dedicated astro computers and control the camera over WiFi with an app on your cellphone.  This Pro version also includes USB and 5v power ports for accessories. 

When using both the ASIAir and the Z-Mount you can do polar alignment using plate solving which is extremely accurate.

A portable telescope that can work with the MSM.


You can never have enough stuff: